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1. In the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android) search "Demosphere". 


2.  Download and install the app.  It is free.


3.  When opening BAND for the first time you will be prompted to create an account.  You can use multiple platforms to create a login and password.  I personally use an email account, but whatever option you choose is fine.


4.  Once you have created an account you will need to create a profile.  This will be how your name appears on BAND.  Create your profile with YOUR first and last name that you used when you registered your child.


5.  After completing the profile you should be in the main App page.  When in the main page look for the magnifying glass symbol.  This will take you to the search page.  Search "S.A.S.Y. HQ"  Make sure to include the periods.  The image should be the SASY logo.


6.  Go to the SASY BAND and click (or touch) join this BAND.


7.  You may also want to manage your notifications at this point.  You can do so in the settings.  Look for the little gear.  I recommend you at least turn on the badge notification (the little number that appears on the corner of the app symbol when you have a new message) 


After requesting to join the band you should be prompted with some questions.  After answering the questions, a moderator will get you into the BAND.  Please be patient at this point. It might take us a bit, maybe even a day or more, until your join request is complete, and you are in your team's chat.


Should take 5-10 minutes or so to join.  It is 100% free, you should never have to pay anything.

Demosphere App Instructions

SASY is switching to the Demosphere app in 2024.

1. In the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android) search "Demosphere".    2.  Download and install the app.  It is free.


Contact Us:

Email Address:

40 YMCA Dr. 

Duncannon PA 17020

 * Please note - the park does not have a physical postal address, but the address listed above should work for GPS navigation. 

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